3 tips to keep your focus on your important goals in life


Staying focused on your goals, is that possible?

How come we get distracted so easily from our important goals?
Today I will give you three tips to stay focused on your goals.

You surely recognize this is very difficult. Each time you want to go for it, you fall into the rut. It seems like an addiction! You do not want this to happen, yet it happens.

The question I will answer today is:

‘How can I stay focused on my most important goals, without falling into my daily routine?’

Why we slip down into the rut?

It is our nature to create routines in our lives. Our defense mechanisms are adjusted to automate everything so that we minimize waste of energy. This daily, weekly or monthly routine we are stuck in we call ‘rut’.

Another defense mechanism of us is to avoid fear. We always choose the safe way. However, when you want to achieve your goals, you must change something in your life. You see yourself confronted with a new way of life and jump in at the deep end. This is where you start doubting. You are feeling fear of failure and fear of the unknown.

So the rut is the path of least resistance.

Now guess what we choose when the going gets though…

My tips to stay focused

Now that we know why you get easily caught up into the rut, I have 3 tips for you to stay focused on your goals:

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