4 steps to get your job done without stress from now on!


4 steps to get your job done without stress from now on

Working on your computer with your phone next to you. You get an email,or an app app,
your colleague is bothering you, tasks pile up, Facebook gives you a sign that Peter has tagged you, you see something interesting on the television that attracts your attention, a news item is passing by on your tablet, etcetera.

Studies indicate that on average you lose three hours a day by distraction.

Wait a minute, I hear you thinking, three hours?

Oh yes! That’s about a third of your time that you want to be productive, or four months in a year that you throw away!

Imagine what you could have done in this time? How much rest you would have had and how much more productive you could have been.

Want to know how to be more productive and get your work done without stress?

4 steps to become more focused

There are already so many articles written with dozens of tips about how to guard against distraction, how to focus on your best and how you can be more productive.

The most important tips together lead to these four simple steps:


Step 1 Time management and set goals

Are you not setting goals yet and are you not planning your weeks or days yet? Then start immediately with this! Work with a digital agenda with blocks and a task list.

1. Indicate what should be finished that day/week
2. Create a task list to achieve this
3. Set priorities: tasks, communication, private
4. Plan to do schedule your agenda on a fixed day and time
5. Put all the other tasks that pass by on your task list. In that week you plan for this a few moments, in which you only do these tasks.
6. Plan your resting moments

Tip: Use the moments in which you feel energetic to do creative stuff and plan for the moments in which you are less sharp the other tasks.

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Step 2 Multitasking and Media

If we are distracted or get difficult: we grab our phone, check our mail, our social media accounts, the news or go surfing the internet. Or we just put on the television. A moment of rest from that difficult task.

However, that’s where the hours go lost! Stop multitasking and start training yourself to focus on one task in a time! Separate communication and media from productive work!

1. Uninstalling apps from your smartphone, like Whatsapp and Facebook
2. Set up your phone or tablet in airplane mode when working on a task
3. Limit environmental sounds and distractions
4. Plan your communications and media on a regular basis


Step 3 Fitness and relaxation

To stay sharp you must be fit and have peace in your mind. The following lifestyle habits contribute to this:

– Exercise
– Get up early and get enough sleep
– Do mindfulness or meditate
– Eat healthy food
– Limit watching television

But please take one by one. So here too you focus on one habit at the time. Have you integrated one habit in your lifestyle, then you start with the next.

Want to know more about this? Join my 8 habits lifestyle challenge.


Step 4 Train your focus using the Pomodoro technique

It sounds too easy this technique, but if you train this technique seriously you will see that you get much more productive.

1. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work on the specific task until the timer goes off
2. Take a short break, 5 minutes is fine
3. Repeat this
4. Take a longer break after every 4th Pomodoro session of 15 to 30 minutes


These steps will truly make you more productive. You will get your work done without stress. To help you with these steps, here come a few useful apps: Laterbox, Cold turkey, Freedom, Rescue time, Focubooster, Selfcontrol, Time out, Any.do

I am curious what your biggest obstacle is regarding to focus and distraction? Please let me know in the comments field below.

In 8 steps
to a fit lifestyle!

Feel fit and energetic
Create an healthy work-life balance
Create more rest and time for myself
and still get things done

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