5 reasons why you should meditate, but please act normal!



What are meditation and mindfulness?

What is exactly meditation? And what is mindfulness? In short, it comes down to the following:

Meditation is a form of exercise or training to bring peace into the mind.

Mindfulness is a form of exercise or training where you learn to draw your attention on something in a relaxed way, without being distracted by thoughts or emotions and without judging.

Since mindfulness and meditation are exercises, I call it: relaxercise. With that I took of the woolliness!

By the way, who cares anyway? It is about what it brings you!


People do not expect this, because I am a pretty sober person who does not always take everything serious.

I can have a serious conversation and turn the subject into some nasty stuff, just like that!

5 reasons why you should meditate too

Reason 1

You become relaxed, take your rest more quickly, recognize stress quicker and act earlier to combat stress. This is because you will increasingly recognize the difference between rest and stress in yourself.

Reason 2

You can easily let go of things and get less angry and sad. You won’t remain stuck anymore in your misery. This is because you will better recognize your body inside and the connection between the emotions and the tension you feel in your body.

Reason 3

You achieve easier and faster your goals and are more productive. This is because you can focus better. You train the bouncer in your head which determines what comes into your mind and what not.

Reason 4

It becomes clear to you what you want in life and what you are good at. As you listen to yourself much better by meditating, you always get more and clearer guidance on how and what you want.

Reason 5

You take better care of yourself and get more confidence. Rather than get your self-esteem by performing and appearance, your attention goes more towards personal development: knowing who you are and what you want. This ultimately leads to more happiness in your life.

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One last question…

You may know that the reason, but also the solutions of your problems are resting in your head. If you train each week, for example by running, bootcamp, boxing or fitness, why do you only train your body and not your mind? I am curious! Let me know in the comments section below.

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