5 steps towards a perfect work-life balance (part 2 planning)

work life balance

We now know (see previous article ) that planning is essential to have total control over your own time.

Never be in a hurry, a peace of mind and a clear understanding

You really don’t want your work to be your life right? You’re spending time with your kids and you can’t stop thinking about that one little thing about your work which you haven’t finished yet.

That’s not something you want. You want to keep your full attention on the thing that you are doing.

How do you really make a fully balanced weekly planning? Save plenty of time for free time and quality time next to your work and keep your peace of mind…

Here are 5 steps for a balanced weekly planning


# Step 1.

First plan the activities of the 8 essential lifestyle habits !

Planning, exercise, relaxercise/meditate, reading and your food.

Plan plenty of time for these activities every day!

It’s essential that these are being planned first because:

– they take care of your physical and personal development;

– they will make you tap into your full power;

– they will make you dare getting out of your comfort zone;

– they will make you get out of your routine;

– they will make you reach your life goals.


# Step 2.

Plan free time/quality time and time with family and friends as second.

Do you work to live or do you live to work?

How much time do you want to spend with your friends and family?

No, of course it is not set in stone when you’ve planned this. You are free to move things around.

And no, this does not mean that you’re not being spontaneous. On the contrary, you will handle spontaneous meetings and visits much easier because you know that you can finish your job at a later time. This actually will give you that peace of mind.


# Step 3.

Activities from the most important projects at your work.

“Ooh and after all of this comes your work”.

Exactly, you now see how much time you have left for your work.

Do you think it’s not a lot? It will be okay… You start to notice that you are becoming much more productive.

That massive amount of time that you need; you might not need it anymore later on. Do you think it’s too much time? Well there you go..

Ask yourself what it was which you wasted your time on and still you were always in a hurry and being stressed…


# Step 4.

Communication activities such as mail, social media and calling.

Well… there is our biggest culprit. Not an unimportant activity, but it is an activity which can take up your entire day. You do not need more than one or two moments per day to check your phone, e-mail, social media and news.

Having a call?

Yup, I will give you one tip: only answer calls that are really important.

All other calls can be answered at a later time. If someone does not answer, then just try it again the next day on the time that you’ve planned for this. Do not always answer the phone, because every interruption will cause you losing about an average of 15 minutes from your focus regarding your current task. This will make you lose time.


# Step 5.

And finally plan your other activities such as your housework and other tasks.

And oh my… how much do we love to spend all day on our small (insignificant) tasks which you can cross out from your task list. It is great to cross out another one when you’ve completed it. Let this be the least important activities in which you’ve put in most of your time. Most of the time, they are more important to someone else than that they are to you. Stop with this!

Focus on your most important activities which contribute to your most important goals. I want to advise you to spend only two moment a week on the time you have left.

Keep a task list on you which you only, and I really mean only manage on these one or two moments in the week. If you can not complete your tasks, too bad, there will be a next time. The funny thing is that when you can’t complete your little tasks, they often sort themselves out.

Okay, now that you know which is the right order of steps for a balanced weekly planning, you can start immediately. Choose a day to plan the upcoming week. I use Sunday myself, but Friday or a day in the weekend is fine as well.

In my final article part 3: planning I give you… Tips for a…


I am curious how you keep your work-life balance. Do you have tips and what is your experience? Please let me know in the comment box below.


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