Why diets don’t work and focus does!



What is a diet exactly?

According to Wikipedia a diet is food that meets a specific rule of life.

A rule of life we also call a lifestyle nowadays.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? So why in most cases it pours in a drama that puts down your self-confidence?

The entrepreneur as metaphor

Imagine, you are an entrepreneur who likes to make his business successful. You approach a coach who says: ‘From now on you will focus on 1.000.000 euro a year.’

I may hope that most entrepreneurs will say:

‘Well, that’s a tremendous focus. I don’t come here to hear what my focus is, but to find out what my biggest bottleneck is and on what I need to focus to reach my goal.’

Within the shortest times this entrepreneur will drop out due to disappointments and distractions he is facing daily. His attention goes everywhere, because he doesn’t have one clear focus.

His company is led by many different business processes that he cannot improve all at the same time. The same concerns you when you follow a diet.

It’s just too much!

Solve one bottleneck of your diet

What does work is solving one bottleneck of your diet. Such as:

1. Cook for yourself
2. Take breakfast every day
3. Track nutrition diary
4. Eat at least 3 times a day
5. Eat enough fruit and vegetables
6. Variate your meals
7. Study labels on products in the supermarket
8. Limit unhealthy snacks

These are a few examples of lifestyle rules you will often find in a diet. But also these rules of life may be too much focus for you.


your new healthy rule of life is to start every morning with a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie. But because of stress in the morning it doesn’t work out. Your first step here could be getting up earlier over a longer time.

So start small!

My advice is to practice one or at most two healthy rules of life in your daily life. Practice this for at least 3 to 6 months, before you will focus on a new rule of life.

The success guarantee is way higher and your self-confidence will get a boost.

That way you can build that 1,000,000 euro or the body you’re looking for.

Yes, it takes longer, but that extra weight didn’t come there within a few months either.


I’m curious what your biggest bottleneck is in your diet! Please let me know in the comments field below.

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