I hate it, I have to work and don’t time for you!

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Too little attention to your spouse, snub your child, have a short fuse, fear that you don’t get things done on time at work, not being there with your head… I recognize it!

How frustrating is it when you don’t get your work done or your colleagues make a mess of it. You have to solve it. This takes time, and meanwhile you know that the time for yourself, your family and your partner suffers at the expense of career.

But it can’t be otherwise, right? Or can it?

How values drive your behaviour

It all has to do with your mindset and values in life. Everyone has certain values in life that are important. Values are one of the main factors that drive your behavior.

Values you can also name your assessment system.


Suppose you think the value “responsibility” is important. You feel responsible for everyone meet their needs in your family.

According to you there must be sufficient income in return. That responsibility you feel in your work and therefore everything must go well in that area and you’re more likely to work overtime if the job is not finished yet.

For to you is work = responsibility = to fulfill needs of family = important

But what if one of your most important value is not “responsibility” but “warmth”?



5 steps to clarify your values

Step #1.

Take an item such as relationships, family, friendship or work.


Step #2.

Ask yourself: “What do I think is important regarding to… (the item)?”
Imagine your answer is: “I think it’s important that I get and give respect.”
Then ask again: “What do I think is important about respect?”
Imagine your answer is: “I think honesty is an important part of respect.”

Now you already have two values: respect and honesty.
Continue until you can no longer pick out values out of the answers.


Step #3.

Do the same for the other items: relationship, friendship, family and work. Maybe there will be values associated or maybe you see values that may conflict.


Step #4.

Put them in order of importance to less important.


Step #5.

The last step is to think and to write down what is so important about these values. What is behind it and how is it that they are so important to you.

What if you make a nosedive again? Get whining, stress en nagging? It sounds weird, but be grateful it’s happening. You’ve regained insight. You know why it’s happening and you can now take real action.

You’re not a victim, a slave to your work, but someone who experiences, evaluates and learns.

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I’m curious which of your values collide when it comes to work-life balance? Let me know in the comments section below.

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