How often do I need to work out for a fit body and an energetic life?

In recent past trainers would say:

one time a week is not enough and two times a week will just increase your physical condition a little. After a while it stays that way and you will see no progression anymore. Only with three times a week you will keep working on a healthy and slim body.

Nowadays things are different.

Exercise in our daily life

Compared to the past our daily exercise looks truly different. Here are a few comparisons you will definitely recognize:

In short, this lack of daily exercise is not good for our bodies. Think of what happens with a stiff and often overweight body that is not getting enough exercise. Our muscles get overloaded with injuries as a result.

I am now talking specifically about our physical condition, not even about our body composition or in other words, weight.

We live seven days a week, 24 hours a day. That is 168 hours a week.

Imagine, of these 168 hours you only train two hours a week intensely.

These hours of sport are almost negligible! It is the same as one workout in 84 hours.

Sufficient daily exercise the best

Did you know that with sufficient daily exercise you burn more calories than with a workout of one hour?

Combining these two is even better of course!

Therefore, my advice is as follows:

Note: Try to variate with the length of your workout and between endurance, strength and mobility training.

I am curious if you get enough activity every day and what are your obstacles?

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