Stop the gurus! 6 simple rules to eat yourself fit



We begin with a few simple facts:

Fact 1: Your body used to be food. First all tissue of your body was food. So food are the building bricks of your body.

Fact 2: Food gives you fuel to perform.

Fact 3: Compared to the past people live longer and, even though you would not expect this, we are also getting smarter.

Fact 4: Food can make you feel fit, or sick.

In the past fifteen years as a personal trainer, I learned that anyone who struggles with his weight, actually has other problems in life.

It is so easy to shift your struggle in life onto a diet, because society is focused on it. Shearing off is the path of least resistance and costs the least energy, but this is never the solution.

We want to be happy, right?

Only consuming does not support happiness. Being conscious, creating and contributing does, and for that you need energy.

You do not have to eat healthy to live longer, because we already do. But we do not want to get sick! That means we have to feed ourselves with food that make us stay fit, food that provide us enough building blocks.

Besides we want energy to solve our problems and make ourselves happy. The problem is that we often do not really feel it when we are energised or not. Because most of our actions we do on autopilot. What we do feel immediately is when we have a dip. When we feel lethargic and not have the energy to take action.

So what we want is food that keep us fit throughout the days, weeks, months and years.

6 simple golden rules for your basic food patterns

Below I give you five simple golden rules your basic diet should meet to stay fit. On these rules all professionals and gurus agree – except for the pigheaded:

Tip #1.

Take as many vegetables and legumes. This must be the basis of your diet. Here you need to indulge in! Make it a habit to consider which vegetables you will use for every meal of the day.

Tip #2.

Take a daily dose of fruits and berries. The basis of your energy intake should be here. Again, you have to think about every meal. Then you will reach around 5-6 pieces per day!

Tip #3.

Take plenty of nuts and seeds daily. These will give you the energy and building blocks you need. Please not too much because they contain fat!

Tip #4. and #5.

Do not eat too much and do not eat the same constantly. To make sure you eat many vegetables, legumes, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds you must ensure yourself that you do not take for example too much, rice, pasta, bread, yogurt, milk, meat, fish, eggs and soy. These are products where all the professionals have different opinions about. If you variate them daily then you will not get too much of something inside.

Tip #6.

We all know it: take sufficient fluid. That means you should throughout the day regularly drink fluid.

By the way, If you want to know how much you can eat of everything, just use a food nutrition app with food diary!



I have met many people who followed the most difficult diets and professionals who discussed the matter of the human body and nourishment to the end. However, on the long term they do not make many people really happy.

So stop losing weight, stop eating healthy and start eating yourself fit!

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